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Travel Goals and Affirmations for the New Year

Posted on Dec 19, 2022|By Meg Sauer

With 2022 wrapping up, you might be thinking about your New Year’s resolutions! While some people will go with standard health and fitness goals, others may approach it from a slightly different angle—hoping to visit friends and family more. But what if we told you there’s a way to have both? Read on and you’ll learn how to make this truth a reality. ‘Cause if we’ve learned anything about these past couple of years, it’s that life is short and often unpredictable. Covid-19 has certainly changed our perspective on what is important and what makes life worth living!


Getting 100% back to your travel goals will allow you to see loved ones regularly and can also mean getting back in stellar shape if you plan accordingly. The key to making this mission successful will be self-discipline and moving your body daily. This might involve cooking healthy meals over a campfire or going on epic hikes you never thought were possible! To approach your diet and workouts correctly while traveling, we do recommend reading Nomadic Matt’s Nutrition Travel Strategy or getting a personal trainer ahead of time.


For now, let’s start with some positive affirmations to keep at the forefront of your mind as you embark on this incredible journey! If it helps, create small reminders around your home or office for those necessary pep talks whenever you feel discouraged, tired, or like you just cannot do it anymore (sticky notes work great). And always remember what the famous Susan Elizabeth Phillips once said, “Anything worth having is worth fighting for.” It will be challenging at first, but 20 or 30 years from now you’ll look back on what you accomplished and be so incredibly proud! If young children are coming along, they will NEVER forget the memories YOU made possible.


Travel Affirmation #1:

“I will take care of both my emotional and physical needs this year—while having the time of my life!”

To guarantee an impeccably fun 2023, if you haven’t purchased your GoWild All-You-Can-Fly pass yet, you’re gonna need it! Even if you don’t have the most flexible schedule, you can still save a ton of money throughout the 300+ days of travel each year. (Think of it more like an annual gym membership, which pays off over time) If you are a parent like me, make sure to also look into Discount Den, and just know our All-You-Can-Fly pass is now available for kids!


Travel Affirmation #2:

“In 2023, I’ll make it a priority to not only visit one new country but two!”  

Grab your calendar and start creating those OOO events. Since we fly to 100+ destinations each year, there is a good chance you can go almost anywhere you want, whenever! With that said, we suggest booking trips ahead of time, but the nice thing about the GoWild! All-You-Can-Fly pass is you can also book ‘em last minute! For instance, you could make a quick trip to visit fam in the states over the weekend; then hop on a plane to a different country! (Since you get confirmed bookings the day before flight departure for domestic travel and starting 10 days before international travel) Our interactive Route Map is great for planning everything out, especially since some of our international destinations may only be available seasonally.


Travel Affirmation #3:

“My body is strong enough to get me through my travels.”

The next thing to consider is what kind of physical activity would you enjoy doing upon arrival.


Whether you work out regularly or not, just know YOU. CAN. DO. THIS. Your body and mind are not only strong enough to get you through your travels, but you WILL transform into an unstoppable superhero who conquered that mountain daily and leveled up their life in a way Nomadic Matt did! If you need some encouragement ahead of time, try reading his book before you go. As you will see, there are lots of ways to get and stay in shape while traveling—it just requires some creativity, curiosity, and complete commitment to your routines!


Why not try something new outdoors?

If you have joint issues, go swimming along one of the many glorious beaches we fly to. Unlike many sports, it’s great cardiovascular exercise, strengthening both the heart and lungs. The resistance of water is much greater than that of air, so it is wonderful for calorie burning and building endurance. The low-impact nature of it means it is gentler on your ligaments versus other activities such as jogging or walking. Want some other ideas? Check out this article.

Our commitment to the travel industry extends well beyond our products and services. We care about you and your overall experiences while traveling. We are also big on our commitments to the planet. Since you will soon be on an adventurous path through nature, it is good to know we make sure 438 billion straws disappear from the planet each year and 18.6 billion plastic bottles are removed from production—all debris you WON’T run into on the beautiful trails ahead! And, to offset your flight’s carbon footprint, we plant over 14 million trees annually.


So, we will see you in the sky! And eventually on the other side of your travel and fitness goals for the New Year. If you would like to share your adventures with us, we would love to support you! Just make sure to follow and tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We appreciate courageous stories, plus you never know whom you will inspire along the way!

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