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Celebrating Black History Month at Frontier - Employee Features

Posted on Feb 18, 2021|By Stacey Van Cleve

During Black History Month, we honor the legacies of Black trailblazers, reflect on the historic and cultural impact the Black community has had on the foundation of America, and are putting the spotlight on some of the talented people we're lucky to call family. Without further ado, we're honored to share snippets of conversations with some of our talented team members (who, might we add - were nominated by their peers to be featured).  


Sharday Barnwell

Flight Attendant, Inflight Experience, ORD

What led you to your current job role? When I lost my job, I was unsure of what my next career move should be. All I knew is that I wanted to travel and relocate. I never considered becoming a Flight Attendant, but I applied to Frontier on a whim and it’s the best choice I’ve ever made!


What does Black History Month mean to you? Black History Month is a celebration of the beautiful imprint that Black people have made into the very foundation of this country. It’s American History.


Jasmine Brown

Customer Service Agent, Airport Customer Service, Global Aviation

What led to your current job role? What led me to where I am today is my family. They have always told me to go for what I want even when I was hesitant at times. One day I said, “You know what, I’m going for it!” After numerous attempts in the past, I landed this role today. Now, I am a part of a great company that has taught me so much in the past year.


What does Black History Month mean to you? Black History Month to me means remembering greatness, it means remembering all those who fought for our rights and all of those who fought for our freedom. Black History Month means sacrifice and change, it means celebration of the people who thought they had no place in this world, and I am thankful that I am here to witness such greatness.


Jordon Davis

Ramp Lead Agent, Menzies Aviation, DEN

What led to your current job role? What led me to my current job role was that I was in a bad car accident that caused me to look into new career options, like the fire service, which I’m currently attending school for. Aviation was also a big recommendation. Plus, I like airplanes and who doesn’t like airplanes?


What does Black History Month mean to you? BHM to me is a month to celebrate all Black people in history who have shaped life the way it is today.


Shawn Howard

Inflight Base Supervisor, Inflight Experience, MCO

What led to your current job role? I initially followed a career path in the theme park industry. After 13 thrilling years, it was time for something new. I joined Frontier in January of 2018. After flying for a year and a half, I became a supervisor to be a support system for our frontline team members.


What does Black History Month mean to you? To me, this month means focusing on more than just our struggles, but also the achievements and contributions African Americans have had on our world.


Kenthea Johnson

Customer Service Supervisor, Airways, LLC., ISP

What led to your current job role? I applied for this job after a friend mentioned an open position. At the time, I told her I didn’t think it was for me but me being the person I am, I decided to go for it. I wanted a change from the nursing field. I applied to be a Customer Service Agent, but the position was not open. Instead, I became a wheelchair agent. Months later, I became a CSA and have moved up to a supervisor. I absolutely love working in this field.


What does Black History Month mean to you? It gives people the chance to reflect on African American inventors, activists, slaves and even athletes, but to me it is a month to recognize the brilliance of the African American race and makes me proud to be an African American woman.


JoAnna Miller

Manager of Worker’s Compensation and Leave of Absence, Human Resources, DENHQ


What led to your current job role? After serving 35 years in state government assisting people with work injuries, personal and family medical issues, and investigating whistleblower and discrimination claims, I realized I still wanted to help people maneuver through processes that can be so unsettling when they are going through their personal storm.


What does Black History Month mean to you? There is tremendous pride in celebrating African American people and history daily. I love to celebrate all accomplishments and encourage all people to always treat others as you would like to be treated, with dignity and respect, and then you can celebrate all lifelong.


Philip Kerimah

Maintenance and Repair Analyst, Repair and Warranty, DENHQ

What led to your current job role? Before joining Frontier, I was a transitioning soldier with the military occupational specialty of a helicopter mechanic. So, Maintenance and Repair had a certain appeal due to my experience. I will forever be grateful to Andrew Heneisen, my former manager, for giving me the opportunity to do what I do.


What does Black History Month mean to you? Black History Month means reflecting on the service, perseverance, intellect, dedication, and courage of those who created a path for me to have a brighter future.


Alfonzo Surrett

Flight Attendant, Inflight Experience

What led to your current job role? What led me to flying was identifying how I could merge my purpose and my passion into a career path. I recognized that being of service to others is the core of who I am. I also discerned how traveling had a beautiful way of resetting my mind and expanded my outlook on life. Once I realized that becoming a Flight Attendant checked off both boxes, I haven’t looked back since.


What does Black History Month mean to you? For me, Black History Month is a month of appreciation and humility. It’s a time to remember one thing: that every blessing and opportunity I’ve been given was made possible because of someone who looked just like me.


Cynthia Williams

Ramp Agent, Worldwide Flight Services, LAS

What led to your current job role? I was looking for a new challenge. Two years ago, I moved from Ohio to Nevada. I was hired as a Customer Service Agent. I stayed for a few months, but I wanted to advance further. My friend told me that Frontier was hiring. I applied and now I am ramp agent. I never thought I would enjoy loading planes all day, but I do. Making sure the plane is safe for takeoff and knowing that I was part of a safe departure is what makes me proud of my job.


What does Black History Month mean to you? Black History Month is a celebration and a reminder. We celebrate the achievements of African Americans and recognize their role in the history of our country. It is a reminder of the struggles and the sacrifices that my ancestors went through before me that give me the rights and the freedom that I have today.


At Frontier we are proud of our diversity as a company and the inclusive culture we strive to create! Thank you to these team members for the contributions they have made to ensure our success!


*Some of these photos were taken pre-COVID.

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