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Frontier Celebrates Our Pilots on World Pilots' Day

Posted on Apr 26, 2022|By Michelle Brier

April 26 is World Pilots’ Day – a day meant to celebrate the many contributions of pilots around the world. Meet some of Frontier’s pilots!


First Officer David Elias

What is your favorite thing about being a pilot? My favorite thing about being a First Officer with Frontier Airlines is the opportunity to interact with families traveling with young children. Seeing everyone’s smiles and excitement while visiting the flight deck makes my day!


Why did you want to become a pilot? As far back as I can remember, my dream was to become a military pilot. I was truly blessed to have realized that dream during a 22-year naval career operating worldwide to include several aircraft carriers. FLY NAVY!


What advice do you have for future pilots? As an aviator, never stop being a student. There is ALWAYS more to learn! Complacency and learning stagnation can be dangerous in this business.


David is pictured in an EA-18G Growler back in his Navy days.


First Officer Evan Kotti

What is your favorite thing about being a pilot? My favorite thing about being a pilot will always encompass being around aviation and flying aircraft. I love traveling, and it is pretty rewarding to be able to give that to others.


Why did you want to become a pilot? Ever since I could remember, I have had a passion for aviation, and there is honestly no other career I have wanted to do. The ability to travel and fly planes for a living has always appealed to me. I truly believe I have the best job in the world.


What advice do you have for future pilots? There has never been a greater need for pilots. Work hard and know that it is achievable if you want it. There are a lot of excellent paths to get you to the airlines or any career being a pilot. This is a rewarding career that can take you to some incredible places.


First Officer Allie Sotelo

What is your favorite thing about being a pilot? One of my favorite things about being a pilot is having the opportunity to observe so many beautiful views from the cockpit.


Why did you want to become a pilot? I have wanted to become a pilot since I took my first flying lesson at 15 years old and was deciding what to pursue as a career. Once I had that taste of flight, I knew it was my passion.


What advice do you have for future pilots? My advice to future pilots is don’t give up! You’re going to have some bad days. At times it’s going to seem like the road is far too long to get to where you want to be, but it’s not too long, and it’s more than worth it. 


Allie is pictured with her daughter Kenzie.


Captain Eric Washburn

What is your favorite thing about being a pilot? I love the community, experiences, and freedom that being a pilot offers. The comradery within the aviation industry, appeal of travel, the challenges of the unexpected, and the flexibility our careers offer have all been driving forces in my time with the job.


Why did you want to become a pilot? I always knew that I wanted to become a pilot from a young age. I grew up in General Aviation, spending my free time around smaller aircraft. This was the gateway to learning the fundamentals and developing a plan to make this a career. The time, effort, and commitment to completing the training was a challenge with the ups and downs of the economy and industry. I worked in the government to save money and have a backup plan until there was a clear path with the airlines. Having life experiences outside of flying has been a tremendous asset for the other life skills I learned while solidifying my desire to fly for a living.


What advice do you have for future pilots? There is not a set path that will get you to a career as a professional pilot. Find a mentor and learn the options available to you. Whether it is through the military or civilian track, some people have the experiences that can benefit you. Seek out advice from those in the industry and do your research; having the complete picture of what the path entails makes it a realistic goal. There are countless resources and scholarships available with a little research. If you have the fundamental skills, persistence (as there will be setbacks), and your heart set on flying for a living, it is completely obtainable!


Header photo courtesy of Andrew Broadfoot


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