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Embracing the Spirit of National Hispanic Heritage Month at Frontier

Posted on Sep 27, 2023|By Michelle Brier

Hispanic Heritage Month is a special time, stretching from September 15th to October 15th, and is a tribute to the rich histories, diverse cultures, and remarkable contributions of American citizens whose roots trace back to Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

Here at Frontier, we are excited to participate in this month-long celebration by shining a spotlight on some of our exceptional Hispanic team members.

Join us in honoring and embracing the vibrant tapestry of Hispanic heritage as we celebrate!


First, we meet Inflight Policies & Procedures Specialist Daniel Cabuya, who has been with Frontier for roughly five and a half years.

Why is National Hispanic Heritage Month important to celebrate? By celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month, we recognize all the achievements and contributions of the American-Latino community across our country, like business owners, veterans, teachers, and public servants, among many other professions, who are an essential part of our national story.

What does National Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you? As a Colombian American, National Hispanic Heritage Month is the perfect opportunity to share and celebrate my ethnicity, background, and heritage. I can enjoy the best of both cultures - food, music, and values while never forgetting the sacrifices that were made to be where I am today. 

Any family traditions you love that you'd like to share? My family and I enjoy a delicious homemade Colombian breakfast when we're together. This breakfast includes arepas, chorizo, eggs, cheese, hot chocolate and more.

Is there a Hispanic in history you particularly admire? I admire Cesar Chavez. Not only is he a recognized Hispanic icon, but he fought for Hispanics' civil rights.


My name is Erika and I am a Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant. I was nominated to share some thoughts on National Hispanic Heritage Month, which begins September 15th and ends October 15th. National Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to recognize and celebrate the contributions, whether great or small, made by Hispanics in times past as well as in the present to our great nation.

I am a first-generation Ecuadorian American, born and raised in the United States. After obtaining my Bachelor's in Social Work, I worked in the field for three years until my curiosity about the aviation industry brought me to Frontier Airlines. I was hired in 2005 and have been with the company for seventeen years. 

As National Hispanic Heritage Month begins, it serves as a reminder that as many people have come paving the way before me, I am also responsible for using my skills and abilities to serve my community when I can. In the 1970s, my parents immigrated to the United States, the "land of opportunity," looking for an opportunity to live a prosperous life in this great country. They have shown me how to work hard and contribute to society. I am ever so grateful and proud that my parents were committed to making sure I learned English and their native tongue. I am both bilingual and bi-literate. I speak, read, and write both English and Spanish, which has benefitted me in my career as a flight attendant. I worked as a Spanish Interpreter for a local school district for over fifteen years. Learning Spanish was a priority in my childhood, and so was learning their customs and traditions. Growing up, the tradition at Christmas was to go to midnight mass and then indulge in homemade hot chocolate made with spices my mother would make in a pot. Gift-giving was done after mass as we sipped on our hot chocolate until the wee hours of the morning. These are small but memorable moments.  

In recent years, I had the opportunity to attend a performance by John Leguizamo, who is a Columbian actor and comedian. He produced a show that became a live performance called Latin History for Morons. Through his award-winning comedic performance, which was based on personal research he had done, he spoke about the contributions of Latinos throughout history. I appreciated his thorough investigation, citing his sources along the way, humor, and providing a list for recommended reading. I had a chance to speak with him briefly after the show. His performance reminded me that it is essential to know and understand where we have been but also to know that we can be a part of change and there is always room for growth.

In conclusion, I want to thank the person who nominated me to share a few thoughts on the subject. I also encourage you to participate and enjoy the events in your community being offered to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month.


Gysela Blanco, Field Marketing and Sales Manager

How long have you worked for Frontier? I will have my first Frontier anniversary in November! Time flies! (pun intended)

Why is National Hispanic Heritage Month important to celebrate? It's important to give recognition to the cultural & historical contributions of the previous generations before me and those who paved the way for Hispanic advancement & rights. 

What does National Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you? To me, National Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration of my family's traditions, culture, diversity, and all of the influential Hispanics who have impacted my life and society. 

Any family traditions you love that you'd like to share? I have a very large family and I am extremely fortunate to have a family that lives close together and values time together like we do. My favorite tradition is that my family gathers for every birthday, special occasion, holiday, and annual family camping trip in Red Feather Lakes every summer. Each gathering with my family is always well spent catching up, playing card games, listening to music, and my abuelita making our favorite traditional dishes. 

Is there a Latinex in history you particularly admire? Sonya Sotomayor and Ellen Ochoa :) 


Carlos Contreras, Analyst, Ground Handling Contracts

How long have you worked for Frontier? Two years and one week

Why is National Hispanic Heritage Month important to celebrate? To remember our history, our ancestors, and the origin of our culture.

What does National Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you? It designates a month that reminds us to celebrate and immerse ourselves in our culture and heritage, continuously changing as generations matriculate to our other countries and blend our ways over the years. 

Any family traditions you love that you'd like to share? Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). My family goes all out to celebrate and remember those no longer with us

Is there a Latinex in history you particularly admire? Roberto Clemente. He was the first Latinx to win a World Series. He advocated for Latinx and black major league baseball player's rights. 


Carlos Felipe Rodríguez Díaz, MCO based Flight Attendant/ Inflight Support Coach

How long have you worked for Frontier? I have been with F9 for five years now.

Why is National Hispanic Heritage Month important to celebrate? It's important to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month to bring awareness of how large and diverse the Hispanic community is within the country and how much it contributes to different aspects of the US, with music, food, literature, film, art, and other things.

What does National Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you? What does it mean to me? It means many things, but it's a reminder to be proud of who I am and where I came from. No matter what country you are from, all Latinos have something in common, which ties us together.

Any family traditions you love that you'd like to share? Christmas and the holidays are something that comes to mind quickly. Christmas in a Puerto Rican household is a unique experience, with the whole family (and I mean the entire family) getting together, lots of food, drinks, loud music, and plenty of fun. It's one of my favorite things to do.

Is there a Latinx in history you particularly admire? Roberto Clemente's story is one of my favorites, starting in minor leagues and reaching his dream of playing in the MLB no matter the difficulties, criticism, and racism he faced — but always giving it his all. Also, his contribution to helping the ones in need with no questions asked is something to admire. Sadly, he passed away on his way to help those in need after a destructive earthquake in Nicaragua. 

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