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Celebrating Black History Month at Frontier

Posted on Feb 06, 2021|By Rosie the River Otter

During Black History Month, we honor the legacies of Black trailblazers, reflect on the historic and cultural impact the Black community has had on the foundation of America, and are putting the spotlight on some of the talented people we're lucky to call family. Without further ado, we're honored to share snippets of conversations with some of our talented team members (who, might we add - were nominated by their peers to be featured).  


Jamille A.

Load Planning, Air Operations

What led you to your current job role? I started with Frontier in May of 2010, in Catering, then transferring into Customer Service, where I was a gate agent. I was in Customer Service when I first applied for a position in load planning 5 years prior to working in load planning.  I believe that waiting period taught me persistence and perseverance, I just knew that I really wanted to be a Load Planner for Frontier and I have been for over 2 years now. 


What does Black History Month mean to you? It means taking pride in my heritage and culture, it’s a time to celebrate and reflect on all the wonderful contributions black people have made to make the world a wonderful and colorful place. 


Tenisia H.

Ramp Supervisor, World Flight Services

What led you to your current job role? I’ve always had a passion for providing high-quality services to the public. Being a Ramp Supervisor has allowed me to do that while leading a team of dedicated and enthusiastic individuals to complete a successful and safe turnaround. Each flight completed provides me with a sense of pride and accomplishment. 


What does Black History Month mean to you?  Black History Month is a time to reflect and highlight the advancement big or small made by African Americans across the world then and now.


Monica Cheryl J.

Line Instructor, Flight Attendant Inflight Experience, MCO 

What led you to your current job role?  I was positively impacted while attending initial training in October of 2017 and wanted to become an Instructor. Selected as a Check Flight Attendant in March of 2019 and a Line Instructor as of May 2020. I thrive sharing my passion, laughter, knowledge and experience helping others be their best.


What does Black History Month mean to you? A celebration of my heritage, reflection, giving honor and thanks for those who tread the way, enabling me to pass this to my future generations.


Bettye J.

Aircraft Appearance, Airport Customer Service, DEN

What led you to your current job role? I began my career with Frontier in 2007 by way of an employee referral about how awesome a company Frontier was to work for. Fourteen years later, I am still here.


What does Black History Month mean to you? There is no more amazing history to discover than Black history. It began before slavery and is still being written today. From seeing the first Black President of the United States to the first Black woman Vice President of the United States, Black Americans are breaking the glass ceiling. I welcome the space and time to reflect on the contributions that African Americans have made to our country and to the lives of all races to appreciate.


Letitia N.

Line Instructor, Flight Attendant, Inflight Experience

What led you to your current job role?  Twenty years ago, I joined a small, fun, thriving airline as a Flight Attendant. Four years later I accepted a position in the Training department. Teaching Flight Attendants in the classroom and serving customers has been exciting and rewarding. I’ve enjoyed every mile of the journey with my F9 family.


What does Black History Month mean to you? This month means we remember, recognize and celebrate. Remember the sacrifices, recognize the contributions of those whose shoulders we now stand upon. Celebrate our heritage.


Christal O.

Lead Ramp Service Agent, Worldwide Flight Services

What led you to your current job role?  When I graduated high school, I wanted to go to college and become a registered nurse. Unfortunately, I did not go right away. I began working at LAX as a Customer Service Representative. I have attended two years of college and I plan to finish. Working at the airport was something that I loved. So, when I moved to Las Vegas I wanted to continue there. I am a people person. I love helping everyone and I still wanted to be in the customer service field. When I applied for the job, I had never worked below wing before, but I was up for the challenge. I’ve been a ramp agent for two years and I am currently a lead. I love my position and I love the people I work with. They are my second family. 


What does Black History Month mean to you? Black History Month means everything to me. I love being African American and every day I feel special, but Black History Month just gives me that extra special feeling of knowing people that look like me have accomplished so much and are so talented. It gives me hope and the encouragement to want the best for myself and the others around me. 


Tammy S.

Flight Attendant, Inflight Experience, TTN/PHL

What led you to your current job role? Serving others is my passion. In March of 2019, I had the pleasure of sitting next to a Frontier Flight Attendant commuting and she encouraged me to apply. After completing thirty years as a K-12 public school educator, I decided to pursue my life-long dream. So here I am.


What does Black History Month mean to you? It is a time to recognize African Americans who faced many challenges but pushed through the various obstacles to make a positive difference to humanity.


Gwendolyn W.

Flight Attendant, Inflight Experience, DEN

What led you to your current job role? When I was 17, I was Miss Black Galaxy of Colorado and received the “Miss Congeniality” award. One of the prizes as a winner was being hired at United Airlines as a Flight Attendant but I was underage. Twenty years later, I was hired by Frontier Airlines.


Raising my family as a single mother, I am a first-generation college graduate. I earned a Bachelor’s in Management and a Master's in Communications.


Many of my crew members told me that I have an innate ability to listen and understand human behavior. I realized that my real purpose in life was to be a psychotherapist. When my fiancé unexpectedly passed, I studied metaphysical science and earned a Bachelor’s in Divinity Degree which expanded my expertise for my private practice where I have been serving clients for 15 years.


Gwendolyn shared the above picture of her grandfather, John E. Walker, a local minister in Denver, Colorado. The photo was taken in the early 60’s and includes Rev. Walker (center) with close friend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (right). Dr. King is a prominent figure in Black history.


At Frontier we are proud of our diversity as a company and the inclusive culture we strive to create! Thank you to these team members for the contributions they have made to ensure our success!


*Some of these photos were taken pre-COVID.

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