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Posted on Mar 03, 2020|By Lucy Beaugard

Whenever I travel, I find that one of my favorite aspects is the flight. It feels comforting and like there’s always something on the other side that will change me in some way. I think change is good for me.


Traveling has always been something I enjoy immensely, but realistically hasn’t always been as easy financially. I am great at finding a good deal, planning logistics and scouring for bargains. Flights are the first step to really committing to getting away. I’ve found that through the years Frontier has been my go-to for quick getaways or long weekend adventures. I had already been using them every time I flew back east to visit close childhood friends, why not use them to plan many of my much-needed vacations.

I’ve always been intrigued by Seattle and to my surprise, Frontier has a direct flight from Denver. After booking my flight with a friend, all that was left to do was pack and head out. We seamlessly checked in and checked our bags then flew through security without any issues. Our flight was scheduled just before sunrise which meant we were able to enjoy the first light of the morning from the comfort of the plane with a hot cup of coffee in hand.


Traveling on a budget doesn’t always go hand in hand, but with a little planning ahead I’ve found it’s totally doable! A weekend getaway to Seattle was easily turned into a budget friendly escape. From the towering Olympic Mountains to the Elliot Bay waterfront, the vast landscape that Seattle sits between is ever changing and worth the escape. Especially because our flights were affordable, the rest of our trip was just about managing our expenses. Some of the highlights of our trip to Seattle included Pike Place. To be honest, as touristy as it may seem, a visit to Seattle isn’t complete without a day spent wandering around Pike Place Fish Market. The market was bustling with people eager to explore new food and drinks or purchase fresh flowers, fish and local goods. We had our fair share of tasty treats and of course, baskets of fish and chips.

Another great way we spent the day was wandering through Olympic Sculpture Park. This iconic Seattle park connects the Belltown neighborhood to the waterfront and stretches over 2,500 feet of pathways. While wandering we came across several sculptures, breathtaking views of the Space Needle and the Olympic Mountains. We even packed a snack and made an afternoon of it.


From there we decided to venture to Kerry Park just before sunset, there is limited parking on the street so my best suggestion would be to walk or take a rideshare. The view is breathtaking in the evening and better yet — it’s free. We setup a tripod and were able to capture a few iconic skyline shots while getting cozy and chatting about everything we still wanted to do. With any trip, you realize there will never be enough time to do everything on your list — I will say though, that’s what makes it all exciting — the thought of doing what you can, enjoying it and planning to come back again.

Frontier makes travel planning easy and effortless for me with their affordable prices. They were recently named the most fuel-efficient airline in the US by the International Council on Clean Transportation which means booking with them is also a green choice. Save money with their low fares done right and enjoy traveling on a budget. I’m looking forward to planning my next trip, the question is where to next?


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