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5 Easy Ways to Make your Vacation Environmentally-Friendly

Posted on Mar 03, 2020|By Rosie the River Otter

Going green is more than just a trend - it’s a lifestyle shift towards making more eco-conscious decisions. In our daily lives we use reusable shopping bags, avoid buying plastic straws, and even utilize more eco-friendly commute options. However, when traveling it is even harder to maintain our green habits. 


If you don’t want your wanderlust to negatively impact the environment, we have a few tips to add some green to your travel plans. 


  1. Plan Green

With a small bit of research, you can find a green hotel or accommodation in any destination. Green hotels that utilize practices such as recycling and clean energy are always a great option for where to rest your head when away. While staying in a hotel, you can personally help out by turning off lights while out of the room, keeping showers short, and using towels more than once.


  1. Getting Around

To get around within a city, utilize public transportation such as buses or trains, and bike, or walk instead of renting a car. In addition to being more environmentally-friendly, these methods of transportation are much better ways to get to know a new area while visiting! If your plans necessitate renting a car, opt for a hybrid or electric option.

  1. Shop & Eat Locally

While traveling, avoid the chains you can find in your hometown and opt for local shops or restaurants. These choices will not only benefit local businesses, but local businesses are more likely to source their goods locally, meaning less resources used in creation and transportation. 


  1. Explore Outside

When deciding what to do while on your vacation, consider outdoor options such as hiking or visiting a local farmers market. Spending time outside will boost your mood and also increase your appreciation for our beautiful Earth. 

  1. Fly Smarter

Did you know there is a greener way to fly? Frontier was recently named the most fuel-efficient airline in America. This means that when you fly on one of our planes, you save more fuel than any other airline option in the United States. On top of our fuel-efficient planes, we are also implementing other eco-friendly initiatives to help reduce our carbon footprint one flight at a time. 


There are a lot of ways to impart some eco-friendly habits into your travel. From bringing your own reusable water bottle to flying on more fuel-efficient planes, the smallest act can make the biggest difference when going green. Check out to see what we are doing to be America’s Greenest Airline.

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