Ready for Takeoff?

Here's everything you should know before your flight. Make sure you take a minute to review our guidelines for bags, seats and security.

Know Before You Go

Sit Back and Relax

(Seat Options)

Stretch Seats


between seats

5-7 More

inches of legroom

Board First

in zone 1

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Standard Seats


between seats


seat pitch

Planning Your Trip with Special Travel Assistance

Family and Pets

Traveling with children, with pets, or both, find out about our services.


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Special Services

Exceptional Circumstances demand exceptional service.


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International Travel

Here are some tips for leaving the country.


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Make sure you know before you go. 


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Travel Policies

Know the policies when something happens.  


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Flying plane

Airport & Terminal Information

Know the in’s & out’s and to’s & from’s for the airport you’ll be visiting.

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