Sit Back and Relax

Onboard our aircraft, you'll enjoy some of the widest seats in the industry, ergonomically designed for your comfort. We offer lots of seating options to meet your travel needs.

Available at time of booking.

Get your preference of aisle,
window or middle seat.

Sit near the front,
or exit - it's your choice!

Keep your party together.


Are you traveling with children 13 or younger and, skipping the selection of seats, or are you unable to choose? We'll try to keep your party together, here are some tips:
  • Book all passengers on the same reservation
  • Seats are less available closer to the day of departure. We recommend booking further in advance.
  • We recommend you select your seats now to ensure your party sits together. Getting seats together on the day of travel can be difficult.
  • If seats are limited, we'll assign to the extent possible so children 13 and under are seated next to a passenger 14 years or older traveling on the same reservation.
Note: If you do not select a seat now, you will be randomly assigned a seat from the remaining selection at check-in.
We'll try to keep your party together, but the only way to ensure that you'll sit together is to select seats at time of booking.

Our Seats!


 Strech seat pitch is 28-31 inches. Strech seats have an extra 5-7 extra inches in pitch.

Ahhh... Stretch Seating

  • Extra legroom
  • Full comfort recline
  • Early off the aircraft
  • First to get inflight service
  • Laptop friendly
Pssst... Frontier Tip:  Stretch seating options are limited and go fast. So, if you’re interested in a little more legroom, don’t hesitate!

Best Ways to Choose Your Seat:

During booking or prior to check-in at My Trip
Online Check-In within 24 hours of departure or at the airport