Accessibility Statement

Frontier Airlines is committed to making our website accessible to the broadest possible audience, regardless of technology or physical capability. To that end, we are working constantly to improve the overall usability of the site, using Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA Success Criteria. Our initial focus on our accessibility efforts has been on the workflow of purchasing a ticket. We strive to continue our efforts and extended our accessibility to all ancillary pages as well. does contain links that direct to content that is created or provided by third party partners. We actively work with these third-parties so that the content they provide meets accessibility guidelines as well. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the use of this site or need to request Accessibility Assistance prior to booking please complete the Accessibility Request Form

If you are a passenger with a disability and require special services, please review the Airline Passengers with Disabilities Bill of Rights for more information.

We have applied many features on to help you navigate the site. We have included useful ways to help navigate some of the more complex pages and widgets such as calendars and seat selection, as well as detail where we are currently facing challenges. We have worked with SSB BART Group to test the usability of our site and guide our efforts to enhance our user's experience. has been built to WCAG 2.0 Level AA guidelines and we have created a site that works well with Job Access With Speech (JAWS) and Internet Explorer (IE version 10 or higher). Additionally, we have conducted internal testing with NVDA and Mozilla Firefox with positive results. As we continue to develop with accessibility in mind, we will continue to implement further support for both of these screen readers and browsers.

Skip to Content: We have added a "Skip to Content" link at the top of each page before our logo to help you navigate the page. This is accessed by pressing the TAB key.

Images: We have applied descriptive information in alt attributes of images and images of text and null alt attributes for all decorative images.

Forms: All forms are accessible from the keyboard and have programmatic labels so that you can understand what the form field is. In various places across our booking flow, we are using custom form fields and have worked hard to maintain a consistent look and feel.

Tables: While we have a large number of tables in use on, any tables that are for presentation purposes have been given a presentation role to prevent screen readers from announcing column and row information.

Headings: We have applied headings across the site to appropriately split content.

Links: We have provided descriptive link names so that you know what they do and make sense of context.

Use of ARIA: Our site is built as a dynamic site and we have implemented various Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) roles, properties and states to enhance your experience and provide the information you need to make informed decisions. We recommend that you use the latest version of your preferred screen reader and internet browser to take advantage of these features.

Use of Javascript: We use this across our site and have used it to manipulate some accessibility features to provide you a better experience. We recommend leaving Javascript on for the best browsing experience.

Calendar: Once in a calendar, use the up, down, left and right arrow keys to navigate through available dates.

Seat Selection: The seat map behaves in the same manner as our calendar for keyboard users. Known issues

Third-party content: We at Frontier strive to provide the most accessible website and we actively work with our third-party content providers though we cannot guarantee their content meets the same WCAG 2.0 Level AA status. The following link locations direct to third-party content.

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Please click on the following link to view a DOT video on the Airline Passengers with Disabilities Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights describes the fundamental rights of air travelers with disabilities under the Air Carrier Access Act and its implementing regulation, 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 382.