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The Manage Travel section of allows travelers or their Travel Agents to use the Frontier Record Locator and Customer Last Name to access their reservation in order to access a myriad of services including the ability to pre-purchase carry-on or checked baggage, purchase specific seat assignments in advance, check-in online, print boarding passes, or change, cancel or modify existing reservations.

PLEASE NOTE: Fees and or fare differences may be applicable. All pre-purchased baggage and seats are required to be purchased with a credit card. No other forms of payment will be accepted for baggage and/or seat purchases online.


Frontier Airlines (F9) is hosted in Navitaire (1N) New Skies system.


Frontier participates in the following Global Distribution Systems: Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport (including Apollo, Galileo and Worldspan). Please be familiar with the specific formats and requirements of each system for booking and ticketless/Guaranteed Ticketing Travel.

Frontier utilizes teletype (TTY) connectivity for availability and will open and close inventory with AVS messaging. F9 flight schedules will be available for booking up to 330 days in advance of departure data in the GDS systems.

Frontier Airlines is a completely ticketless airline. Some GDS's refer to this as Guaranteed Ticketing or EPAY. Frontier does not accept paper or electronic tickets as valid forms of payment for travel. Agents must provide valid payment within four (4) hours of making the booking otherwise the PNR code (or itinerary) will delete. Frontier does not reinstate deleted PNR's.

Travel Agent reservations made via the GDS must transmit a valid form of payment within four (4) hours of the booking creation using a credit card. The reservation will automatically cancel in the Frontier system if payment is not received within four (4) hours. When making a booking on Frontier all the segments of the PNR must be "F9", no other airlines can be in the record.

Frontier will process the payment information and return a record locator to the PNR. Once Frontier has confirmed the booking, the segments are validated and any further modifications to the PNR are subject to restrictions and/or fees

It is vital to ensure that the travel agency changes the TK element to TKOK in order to remove any ticketing time limits from your GDS bookings once payments are submitted. If this is not done, your GDS system will send Frontier a cancellation message when the time limit is reached, and the Frontier system will automatically process the XX and cancel the reservation.

The agency must mark the booking ticketed which removes the TTL - Ticking time-limits on ticketless PNRs. When a ticketless airline confirms the form of payment and validates the booking by returning the HK, the TKXL element is not automatically updated. When using TKXL in a ticketless PNR you must change the TK element status to TKOK once confirmation is received.


Frontier will provide the agency with an invoice or Reference number for agency internal processing purposes. Invoice or Reference numbers sent from Frontier to assist agencies with mid/back office processes are not maintained by Frontier and have no association to the value of the ticketless transaction. Frontier cannot retrieve or reference any of the invoice or Reference numbers sent after End Transaction.

Frontier's Invoice or Reference numbers will begin with "422" but have no relationship to any "ticket number" and cannot be retrieved by Frontier's Revenue Accounting System.

The following is an example of a message with the Reference or Invoice number returned to the GDS Record: OSI 1S TKNO 4220074059220


OSI 1S DISREGARD TKNO/AMT DEBITED IF YOU ISSUED PAPER OR ETKT (please disregard this last line in the OSI response. We are working to have it removed.)

When an agency submits a credit card for a new reservation that is declined (i.e., a GDS booking), the system will hold the reservation for 15 minutes allowing time for a new form of payment to be sent. After 15 minutes the reservation will be cancelled. If a credit card is declined on the payment of an exchange or fee collection for a change, this will cause an out-of-balance situation for the record and the agency must call the F9 Agency Desk to provide a valid form of payment or the traveler must call General Reservations with a valid form of payment before travel. This situation is not subject to the 15-minute cancellation period.

Travel agents may request a full refund for a GDS booking created after the Navitaire conversion, within 24 hours of booking creation (except for tickets purchased for travel within 7 days/168 hours of purchase), by canceling all segments within the PNR. The transaction will then be placed on a queue to be worked within the Frontier Airlines system for a refund to the original credit card form of payment.

Beyond 24 hours from the booking creation, any amounts due back to the customer (including tickets purchased within 24 hours, but for travel within 7 days) will be placed on a credit shells that are valid for 90 days, except for the "The Works" which are valid for 1 year from the date of issue and can be used by the named traveler or subject to a name change fee. Credit Shells can only be redeemed through Frontier Airlines directly.

Any PNR's can have segments exchanged or canceled within the GDS, however; change fees and any additional fare required must be sent with the form of payment within 4 hours of the booking or the segments will automatically cancel.

For any GDS bookings created after the Navitaire conversion, travel agents can make changes or modifications within 24 hours of the original booking being made without incurring fees or chargers, except for a fare difference, as applicable.

Within 24 hours of flight departure, travel agents MUST contact the Call center directly for any change requests. Outside of 24 hours, travel agents can make changes and/or modifications via their GDS or at

A new SSR OTHS or SSR EPAY payment message is required each time a new segment is added, changed or modified on an existing reservation. Customers must pay the applicable change fee plus any fare difference.

Any remaining balance of an unused Economy ticket is forfeited.

Bookings made through the GDS channel can be paid for only with a credit card, not a Credit Shell. Credit Shells can only be used directly with Frontier.

GDS pricing is considered informative and only the price returned from Frontier at End Transaction is considered final and valid.

All Frontier Airlines tickets, regardless of date of ticket purchase, might be charged a change/cancel fee. More information can be found here.

Infant ticketless transactions are required for all international flights. The infant fee, if applicable, will be assessed when the SSR INFT is sent by the travel agent, if on the initial booking request, it will be included in the total cost of the booking. If the infant SSR is added after the adult passenger is paid, then the INFT SSR fee can be paid at that time or at time of check-in.

For domestic U.S flights, lap infants under the age of 2 do not require separate ticketless transactions unless they are occupying their own seat.

Frontier accepts the following credit cards for ticketless travel: American Express, Discover Card, Master Card, Visa, UATP

Credit cards are processed immediately when the PNR is ended. Frontier will honor a 24-hour refund (from the time of booking) to the original Form of Payment so long as the credit card has been processed. Within the 24-hour period, the travel agency can cancel all the segments in the PNR and the transaction will be placed on a queue to be worked within the Frontier Airlines system for a refund to the original credit card form of payment. All PNRs may be accessed for refund status (or any status') by going to and entering (one of) the passenger last name and PNR under the My Trips tab for access. Please note that an update may be necessary using the green "Update Info" link at the link below:

In the GDS environment, you will always receive our lowest available Economy fare for the Class of Service requested from Navitaire. Frontier does not offer discounted fares for children, military, or government. All fares must be booked as (ADT) adult fares.

In the event of fare mismatches, the GDS pricing should be considered informative and only the interactive price returned from Frontier via Navitaire at End Transaction is considered final and valid. If there is no valid fare for the itinerary booked in the GDS, then Frontier will return a NO response. If the flight is closed, sold-out or the specific class of service is closed, then Frontier will return a UC response regardless of the availability shown in the GDS.

Listed below are the actual SSR OTHS formats Frontier will support from each of the GDSs.

In each of these examples, the following key applies:
F9=Navitaire New Skies Hosted Airline Code (Frontier)
VI = the credit card type: AX, MC, VI, etc.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx= the credit card number
mmyy= the month and year of the expiration date
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz= the credit card holder name

SSR EPAY F9 NN1-CC/Vlxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/EXP08 05-FIRST LAST NAME

3OTHS/CH zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Apollo (1V) Agent Entry
>@:3 SSR OTHS F9 NNX Vlxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/Dmmyy/zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Galileo (1G) Agent Entry
>V.AF9* Vlxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/Dmmyy/zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Worldspan(1P) Agent Entry
>3SSR OTHS HK1 CCVlxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/EXPmmyy/zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Bookings can be put on hold for 4 hours only if the form of payments is not included at End Transaction. At End Transaction, Frontier will return the valid price of the itinerary requested and if acceptable, then agents are requested to submit the FOP (form of payment) at that time. Once payment is received, the record will be updated and is considered balanced or zero due If payment is not received within the 4-hour window, Frontier automatically cancels the booking and sends a cancellation message to the GDS PNR.

PLEASE NOTE: Bookings made within one day of scheduled flight departure will require instant payment at the time of the booking creation. A valid form of payment is required to be in the PNR prior to ending the transaction. Bookings made within one day of scheduled flight departure will not be put on a 4-hour hold and will receive a "BOOKING CAN NOT BE PUT ON HOLD" response with a NO status.

Once the ticketless transaction has been paid, name changes or transfers cannot be completed by the travel agency. However, all Frontier issued tickets regardless of issue date are able to have name changes completed through Frontier's My Trip at These requests will be subject to a name change fee plus any applicable fare difference. The name change fee is collected outside the exchange so two separate charges will show the traveler's billing statement. Residual value from the exchange does not apply toward the same change fee.

A non-refundable ticket will be refunded if the customer or traveling companion becomes deceased or military orders prevent taking a planned flight. Please note that supporting documents and/or paperwork will need to accompany the refund request. Please contact the Call Center for additional information.

Upon implementation of a schedule change by Frontier, a message will be generated to the booking agency for action. Travel agents must action the message the synchronize the GDS PNR with the Frontier reservation. Once updated, the new schedule information should be passed on to the customer by the travel agency, ensuring they have the most up-to-date travel information.

If Frontier has a Schedule Change, customers can change the impacted flight to a new flight that is one day prior, one day later or to another flight that day by contacting Frontier Reservations. Any increase in fare and the change fee will be waived. If a customer should choose to cancel their flight as a result of a schedule change, the cancellation fee will be waived, and the funds will be placed on a Credit Shell for future use. Actual refunds to the original form of payment will only be given upon customer request after evaluation of the options available by a Frontier representative.

**Fees are subject to change

Should your agency use more than one GDS, you may not duplicate segments by moving segments between GDS.s. Frontier will not be held liable for duplicate segment fees incurred by the movement of segments between GDS or associated with the PNRs involved in travel agency GDS systems conversions. Frontier Reservations will not assist an agency attempting to claim a PNR owned by another GDS. Any duplicate segment fees will be billed back to the agency on a debit memo. You may not create active or passive duplicate bookings. Any combination of bookings for a passenger(s) which realistically or legally cannot be flown (i.e - flights out of sequence, two flights at overlapping times, flights not adhering to legal connection times, etc.) will be considered a duplicate booking.

All GDS bookings must either be completed as a ticketless transaction per tariff rules or cancelled in the GDS immediately either when they are no longer required or 4 hours after the booking was made, whichever comes earlier.


Passive and Open segments are not permitted.

Frontier does not currently have ticketing and baggage agreements with any other carriers.

Frontier currently has a Codeshare agreement with Volaris Mexico.

The maximum number of segments permitted will be 16 coupons in a Frontier ticketless transaction.


You may not hold inventory for potential future sales. Bookings may not be held for more than 4 hours before payment is required and the booking will automatically cancel. The full name and title of each passenger must be entered at the time of booking. Name changes are permitted for a fee if the customer contacts Frontier Reservations. Name corrections are only permitted if they are misspelled or to reflect legal documents.

Fictitious or speculative bookings, including blocking or holding a reservation due to expected demand are not permitted under any circumstances.

Segment status changes because of schedule changes, irregular operations, flight firming, flight cancellations or other circumstances will be queued to your GDS and must be actioned at least 24 hours prior to flight departure. This includes cancelling segments with a status code of UN, NO, HX, WK, WL, or WN. You must also action or cancel segments with status codes UC, US, or DS.

You may not use the Frontier airline designator "F9" with fictitious flight numbers to store flight information for a carrier not listed in the GDS.


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