You compost. You purchase eco-friendly brands. You ride your bike to work… But do you practice the same green standards when you travel?

America's Greenest Airline is Getting Greener

America’s Greenest Airline Takes Yet Another Step to Reduce its Environmental Footprint. We are proud to announce that we have signed an agreement with aircraft engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney for ultra-efficient GTF engines to power 134 A320neo family aircraft scheduled for delivery beginning in 2022. The GTF engines, which offer maximum fuel efficiency and significant noise reduction, are yet another step on the part of America’s Greenest Airline to reduce its environmental footprint.

Remember, you have a choice to Fly Greener with Frontier.


We are 43% more fuel efficient than the other airlines!

438 billion straws disappearing
The 125 million gallons fuel we saved in 2019 alone is equivalent to the amount of carbon produced to create 438 billion straws. This carbon savings is the same as planting over 14 million tree seedlings.*
18.6 billion plastic bottles saved
The total amount of fuel we saved in 2019 is the same amount of fuel you'd need to produce 18.6 billion one-liter plastic bottles.*
eliminating 243,837 cars from the road for one year
Our 43.21% better fuel efficiency saves the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent of 2.2 billion fewer miles driven.*

New lighter seats to save even more fuel

We are excited to introduce our new aircraft seat design in partnership with Recaro Aircraft Seating. Making their debut in March 2021, these new light weight seats offer a 30% reduction in weight and are designed to not only provide extra comfort for our customers but help us reduce our environmental footprint by saving thousands of gallons per year. The installation of approximately 32,600 Recaro seats throughout our A320 fleet is the next step in ensuring we are America’s Greenest Airline.


We embrace the things that really matter. So what really matters? Getting you where you want to go as efficiently as possible. Making sure you only pay for what you really need. Putting the environment at the forefront of our decisions
With the industry’s most efficient aircraft, our planes
burn less fuel so our passengers save more

Water is complimentary, but changing our offering of soft drinks, alcohol, and snacks to a premium we’ve prioritized choices and the planet.

By removing in-flight wifi and entertainment, we reduced
the weight of our fleet and
increased the amount of passenger savings.

There’s no need for heavy lifting. By encouraging passengers to fly lighter, we’re taking weight off their wallets… and the planet.

We redesigned our tray tables
to cut weight from our planes.
Now they’re the perfect size for your smartphone or tablet.

Our modern designed, pre-reclined seats are ultra-lightweight and made from recycled leather products.

The Facts

Fuel savings is based on Frontier Airlines 2019 Fuel Consumption per seat-mile compared to the weighted average of all U.S. airlines.


Other statistics quoted are based on 125 million gallons of gasoline saved, using the Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator at

  1. Average of industry aggregate ASMs divided by aggregate gallons consumed (excludes Frontier)
  2. Per EPA calculator using 102,089,909 gallons of fuel -

  1. Average of industry aggregate ASMs divided by aggregate gallons consumed (exludes Frontier)
  2. Per EPA calculator using 102,089,909 gallons of fuel -