Bundle and Save

Missing all the frills in air travel, but still want the best price possible? Now you have a real choice with Frontier's exclusive bundles, the WORKS and the PERKS!

Why Bundle

With our bundles you can enjoy your next flight with all the extras without spending extra!

Get the best value.
Save over 50%!

Get all the extras for your trip-
including bags, seats & more!

Get your flight your way.
Have options!

The WORKS logo

Get it all for one low price!

You can enjoy all your favorite frills from $59* one way with WORKS!
Bundle with the WORKS to get the best value.

Best Deal!


No Change Fees!
Up to $99 value

Select your Seat!
Up to $45 value

One Carry-On Bag!
Up to $30 value

One Checked Bag!
Up to $35 value

Priority Boarding!

Save over 50%!

The WORKS is the best way to experience all the extras of travel! Instead of purchasing your favorite extras separate, bundle them and save +50%!

The WORKS is exclusively available at the time of your booking at flyfrontier.com (per person, per flight)!

Have 100% peace of mind and purchase the WORKS for your next trip.

How to get the works

Add the WORKS when you book a flight on flyfrontier.com!

Select a flight

You can only get the WORKS when you purchase a flight on flyfrontier.com (Note: the WORKS is not offered on third party websites or after initial booking).

Add the WORKS!

When prompted by the WORKS pop-up click “Save Now” to add the bundle to your purchase. With the WORKS you will be able to select your seat and add a checked and carry-on bag free of additional charge.

Fly Stress Free

Buying the WORKS allows you to fly with 100% peace of mind! You will also enjoy your flight with all the extras like bags, best seat, priority boarding and more!

– Morgan S.

The PERKS logo

It's Not Too late to Save!

With the PERKS, you can still save more than 30% off on your travel extras! Buy the PERKS before your trip and travel worry-free.

The perks of the PERKS!

Select your seat + one carry-on + one checked bag + priority boarding

How to get the PERKS

Log into My Trip/Check-In with your 6 character confirmation code and last name to view your booking itinerary.

Once you logged into your trip, you will be directed to your Manage My Booking page. Here you can purchase the PERKS by clicking “Save with the PERKS!” on the right side of the page. A pop-up will initiate reviewing your savings, click “SAVE NOW”.

After you have clicked “SAVE NOW,” you will be directed to a seats page where you can select a seat. You will then be directed to the bags page where you can add up to 1 carry-on and 1 checked bag.
Note: A seat selection and 1 carry-on/checked bag is included in the price of the PERKS.

Complete your purchase, fill out your payment information and click “CONTINUE.”
Now your purchase of the PERKS is complete!

The WORKS vs the PERKS

Did you miss buying the WORKS at initial booking? Luckily you can still save on the extras with the purchase of the PERKS bundle. The PERKS is available after initial booking and if you purchased your Frontier Ticket from a third party.

the works logo the oerks logo
How to get BEST VALUE!
Available at initial booking
on flyfrontier.com
Available after booking in
“Manage My Booking” or
when checking into your flight
Carry-On Bag
  • Yes
  • Yes
Checked Bag
  • Yes
  • Yes
Select your Seat
  • Yes
  • Yes
Priority Boarding
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
Change Flights
  • Yes

*Fare differences may apply when changing your flight. All bags must conform to published dimension requirements. The WORKS and the PERKS price varies by route, is one-way and based on round-trip purchase. The WORKS and the PERKS price is subject to change until purchase. If we fail to get your size-required carry-on bag in the cabin, we will refund you the current website carry-on charge. All change and refund requests must be made 24 hours prior to departure. Zone 1 boarding dependent on selection of a carry-on bag option.