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Elevate your travel experience and discover the perfect seat for a comfortable onboard experience. Find out everything you need to know about our seating options here.

Available at time of booking.

Get your preference of aisle,
window or middle seat.

Sit near the front,
or exit - it's your choice!

Keep your party together.

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Enhance your journey with the perfect seat selection. Whether its extra legroom or a window seat, elevate your onboard experience by securing your preferred spot for maximum comfort, convenience, and enjoyment.

UpFront Plus

Experience the luxury of UpFront Plus seating. Enjoy front-of-the-plane seating with extra comfort and legroom PLUS an empty middle seat. These exclusive seats are limited so make sure you book your Upfront seat today and travel with ease and comfort.

Upgrade to a Business bundle and enjoy the added benefit of an UpFront Plus seat assignment! These exclusive seats are limited so make sure you book your UpFront Plus seat today!

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Premium and Preferred Seating

If you do not select a seat during booking, you will randomly be assigned a seat from the remaining selection.

Premium Seating
Get extra legroom and sit in these exclusive seats. Don't miss out on these limitedly available seats!
Upgrade your travel to a Premium bundle and enjoy the added benefit of a premium seat assignment included!

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Preferred Seating
Upgrade to our preferred seating and secure your spot near the front of the plane for added convenience and ease of travel.
Already booked a flight? Upgrade to Preferred today.

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Standard Seating

Our standard seats are located at the back and middle of the plane and come with standard legroom and space. When you purchase a flight with our Economy bundle, enjoy the added benefit of a standard seat assignment included!

Note: If you do not select a seat at booking or check in, you will be randomly assigned a seat from the remaining selection. We'll try to keep your party together, but the only way to ensure that you'll sit together is to select seats at time of booking.

Best Ways to Choose Your Seat:

During booking or prior to check-in at My Trip
Online Check-In within 24 hours of departure or at the airport


When one or more of the passengers on a reservation are 13 years of age or younger, Frontier will guarantee adjacent seats for the child or children and an accompanying adult (over age 13) at no additional cost for all fare types subject to limited conditions specified below.

  • Child and accompanying adult are on the same reservation
  • Adjacent seats are available at the time of booking in the selected class of service
  • Adult either chooses seats for the entire reservation or skips seats for the entire reservation, and does not make changes to seat assignments once assigned to them
  • It is physically possible based on seat layout to seat the number of children traveling next to the accompanying adult(s).

Although Frontier will provide adjacent seats if available at the time of booking, Frontier might not provide seat assignments right away. Frontier will provide the customer the adjacent seating assignments no later than the day before scheduled departure of the flight.

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