Bundle & Save

Elevate your travel experience with Frontier's bundle options. Our bundles are customized packages tailored to your trip and include popular items like flight flexibility, carry-on bags, and seat selections. Add your bundle at initial booking for the lowest price!


The New Frontier' delivers an even better value for your money - from more transparent pricing and no change fees to an enhanced customer experience. This transformation underscores our commitment to providing exceptional value and a superior travel experience.The New Frontier includes:

  • *New* Clear, Upfront Pricing and Options: New Economy, Premium, and Business options include benefits like no change fees, bags, seat assignments, and more.
  • *New*No Change Fees: Zero change or cancellation fees for Economy, Premium, and Business customers, offering greater flexibility.
  • *New*Expanded Customer Benefits and Support: Flight credit expiration extended to 12 months, enhanced live phone support, and more.
  • *New* 'For Less' Price Guarantee: Customers who find a lower price elsewhere can receive 2,500 FRONTIER Miles.


  • Personal Item

  • Carry-On Bag

  • Standard Seat Selection

  • No Change/Cancel Fee

  • Personal Item

  • Carry-On Bag

  • Premium Seat Selection

  • Board First with Overhead Bin Space

  • No Change/Cancel Fee

  • Personal Item

  • Carry-On Bag

  • (2) Checked Bags (50lbs each)

  • Board First with Overhead Bin Space

  • No Change/Cancel Fee

  • UpFront Plus Seat Selection

Bundle Your Trip

Bundle your trip and save on popular items like bags and seat selections! When you purchase a bundle, benefits will apply to all passengers and directions on your booking, making it easier than ever to ensure everyone has what they need. Our bundles may include a combination of these and other products:


One carry-on is allowed per passenger/direction on the booking. It must fit within: 24"H X 16"W X 10"D and < 35lbs including handles, wheels and straps

One checked bag is allowed for each passenger/direction on the booking. Checked bags must be under 40 lbs and less than 62 linear inches.

Plan on doing a little shopping on your trip? You can add an extra 10lbs to your checked bag.

Choose an assigned seat at booking for all passengers on the reservation. *Premium seating may require an upgrade charge

Change of plans? Have the ability to change your flight without change fees. *At least 24 hours prior to departure; fare difference may apply

Get early access to overhead bins by boarding before Zone 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers! To view our most frequently asked questions about our bundles click here

Terms and Conditions

*Bundle pricing varies. Bundle prices are subject to change until purchase. If we fail to get your size-required carry-on bag in the cabin, we will refund you the current website carry-on charge. Zone 1 boarding dependent on selection of a carry-on bag option. 


All bookings, tickets and related travel are subject to the terms & conditions in Frontier's Contract of Carriage, Change & Cancellation & Baggage Policies. All bookings are refundable within 24 hours of booking for flights over 7 days from departure. Otherwise, the booking is considered non-refundable and is subject to the Change & Cancellation Policies. Additional fees may apply for options, such as baggage, advance seat assignments, and changes or cancellations.

Bundle Features

Personal Item, Carry-On Bag, Checked Bags: Size and/or weight limits apply. Choose your Seat: (Subject to availability) UpFront Plus seats located at the front of the aircraft feature additional space and comfort, including a guaranteed empty middle seat and extra legroom. Premium seats feature extra legroom. Preferred seats are located towards the front of the aircraft for faster boarding and deplaning. Standard seats are available in the remainder of the cabin. No Change or Cancel Fees with Economy, Premium or Business Bundles: Changes to your itinerary are subject to any difference in fare and options prices. If your new itinerary is lower in value than your original itinerary, there will be no residual value available to you once you have made the change. If you cancel your itinerary, you will retain the value of your itinerary as a travel credit. Changes or cancellations must be made prior to your flight’s scheduled departure time. If you fail to check-in or to board your flight within the required time (check-in: 60 minutes prior to scheduled departure time; boarding: 20 minutes prior to scheduled departure time), your ticket will be deemed a No-Show Cancellation and cancelled. All subsequent flights, including return flights, on the itinerary, will also be treated as No-Show Cancellations. Please reference the Contract of Carriage for more details. Board First: To guarantee overhead bin space for one carry-on bag, customers must board with the Board First group in advance of Zone 1.