Here at Frontier, we make optional services available to you to personalize your travel. Airport Agent Assistance is available for purchase for our passengers who prefer assistance at the airport for things like checking in and printing your boarding pass. 


Customers who meet the following criteria may receive assistance from an airport agent without paying the Airport Agent Assistance Charge. Exemptions include:

  • Customer needing special assistance due to a disability
    • Wheelchair service
    • Meet and Assist
    • Service Animal
    • Hearing and/or Vision Impaired
  • Active Duty US Military with valid Common Access Card
  • Customers Checking Special Bag Items - Items needing special handling as part of a specific bag type or fee associated with the bag. Examples include:
    • Antlers Fee
    • Assistive Device
    • Checked (ticket counter or gate) Manual Wheelchairs, Electric Wheelchairs, and Electric Scooters
    • Baby Items: Infant or child items exempt from fees such as car seats, booster seats, diaper bags, strollers. Used only when the child or infant is traveling.
    • Bike Fee: oversize/overweight fee does not apply
    • Boot Bag: free of charge when skis or snowboards are checked as baggage
    • Media/Film Equipment
    • Oversize Bag: 63 inches or more
  • Customers with one of the following:
    • Cabin baggage for which an extra seat has been purchased
    • Extra Seat
    • Lap Infant
    • Pet in Cabin
    • Musical or Sports Equipment for reservation marketed (sold) by Volaris