At Frontier Airlines, we believe the sky is for everyone. Every day, our mission is to provide friendly, affordable travel experiences to destinations across America and beyond. And we care about our planet. We operate the most fuel-efficient aircraft fleet in the U.S., making Frontier America's Greenest Airline.

We also care about the communities we serve and offer a flight voucher program to support the fundraising activities of non-profit organizations.

If you are interested in applying for Frontier Airlines flight vouchers for fundraising purposes, please review the criteria below then send an email with this information to submit your request. All applications will be processed as expeditiously as possible and you will be advised via email whether or not your request has been accepted.

To be eligible for a donation, please ensure your organization and request meet the following criteria:

    • Your organization is a registered 501(c)(3) organization
    • Your organization is not affiliated with any of the following:
      • Individual schools/PTOs/school sports programs
      • Labor groups
      • Religious/fraternal/political or athletic organizations
      • Individuals participating in fundraising events

Please submit your request at least six weeks prior to an event taking place in a city Frontier currently serves. Requests may be sent to the following email address:

Your request must include the following information to be considered:

      • Organizational name, address, city, state and zip code
      • Cause your organization serves
      • Name of event
      • Date of event
      • Website URL for organization and/or event
      • Airport near your organization that Frontier serves
      • Is your organization a 501c3 nonprofit agency registered with the IRS (yes or no)
      • Tax ID (EIN) number
      • Contact name, phone number, and email address
      • Number of years your organization has been in existence
      • If hosting an event, estimated number of attendees
      • Has Frontier provided support to your organization previously? (yes or no)
      • If yes, what year
      • How will the flight vouchers you are requesting be used
      • How will Frontier's participation in your initiative be marketed/displayed

We salute all of the extraordinary individuals doing good in communities across the globe and thank you for the opportunity to partner with your organization.