Rotor Transition Program

Ever Dreamed of Being a Part of Team Frontier?

Frontier Airlines is looking for talented, military-trained helicopter aviators to join Team Frontier as part of our Rotor Transition Program.
We will assist with funding of the fixed-wing transition training, the ATP/CTP, and the jet transition course. In addition, each RTP candidate is assigned a mentor to help them with the transition from the military to commercial aviation. Join one of the fastest-growing airlines in the U.S. now and there will be no need to reset your pay and your seniority as you grow your career.


U.S. military-trained helicopter aviators transitioning to fixed-wing commercial aviation who meet the following requirements:
  • Must be a graduate of a U.S. Armed Forces pilot training school with a rating qualification as a military aviator
  • Must have a DD214 or be within twelve months of separating from active duty
  • Must be eligible for the FAA R-ATP military minimums per 14 CFR 61.160
  • Must be available to start and complete the next available Frontier Airlines First Officer new hire training
  • Must complete INDOC up to IOE without interruption


  • 14 CFR 61.160 Restricted ATP
  • 750 Total Time, which must include the following airplane time:
    • 250 Hours of Fixed-Wing PIC
    • 100 Hours of Fixed-Wing PIC Cross Country
    • 25 Hours of Fixed-Wing Night PIC
    • 25 Hours of Fixed-Wing Multi

Frontier-approved flight school locations. For a complete list of current schools, email

Depending on the hours needed to meet the 250 hours of FW training, it will vary for each individual, but plan on one month to five months

Within twelve months or less of separating from active duty

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$35k Sign-On Bonus available to assist with funding of:

  • FW training
  • Jet transition course to prepare you for Frontier's First Officer new hire training

Upon enrollment into the program, your mentor will reach out and share their contact information

The RTP is currently for U.S. military-trained aviators only