Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Have there been any changes to FRONTIER Miles due to COVID-19? 

  1. In response to COVID-19 FRONTIER Miles expiration is paused. We will send a 90-day communication to all members with miles before resuming expirations. Once miles expiration resumes and if you do not have any accrual activity to extend your expiration date your miles will expire. Additionally, all current Elite members will have their status extended to 12/31/21.

Q. What is the FRONTIER Miles program? 

  1. FRONTIER Miles is the frequent flyer program from Frontier Airlines (formerly known as EarlyReturns) to reward customers for choosing Frontier for their travel needs. Earning is free and easy and since we have no age restrictions, your whole family can join. Some restrictions may apply.

Q. I was an EarlyReturns member, do I have a FRONTIER Miles account? 

  1. Yes, your EarlyReturns account is now your FRONTIER Miles account and any miles you’ve accumulated are still available with yourFRONTIER Miles account so long as you’ve had accrual activity on your account at least once in the last 180 days.

Q. What does the FRONTIER Miles program offer that EarlyReturns did not? 

  1. Changes to the program were made to reward both the frequent and infrequent traveler by introducing additional Elite Status tiers and more benefits. Frontier World Mastercard holders get accelerated earnings because everyday card spend now counts toward Elite Qualifying Miles which makes Elite Status in reach for even the infrequent traveler. Additionally, as a Frontier World Mastercard holder you may unlock additional benefits including waived redemption and redeposit fees and the ability to pool your family’s miles for easy usage. For more information on the FRONTIERMiles program, please visit us here. 

Q. How are FRONTIER Miles earned?

  1. You can earn miles three ways: 
    1. Travel, each time you fly, you’ll earn one mile for each one air mile flown. 
    2. Use your Frontier World Mastercard. Use it for flight purchases, restaurant purchases, or everyday purchases for extra earning potential. For details on earnings calculations, see your cardholder agreement. If you don’t have a Frontier World Mastercard, apply here. 
    3. Use any of our mileage partners. By providing your FRONTIER Miles number upon booking or purchasing with our partners, you’ll earn miles for those purchases. (The purchaser name must match the name on your frequent flyer account.)

Q. How can I see how many miles I have?

  1. If you’ve signed up for theFRONTIER Miles program or applied for a Frontier Mastercard, you may sign into your account online at FlyFrontier and select the “Hi, log in sign up” link in the upper right-hand corner. Your profile is customizable to your preferences, so feel free to move things around. 

Q. How do I receive credit for past travel with Frontier?

  1. If travel was completed in the last 180 days, you may receive credit by logging into your account online and clicking the “Add Trips” button. You will need your six-digit Frontier confirmation code which you can find on either your paper or mobile boarding passes and confirmation email.

Q. Can I receive miles for travel completed prior to enrolling in the FRONTIER Miles program?

  1. Yes, so long as travel was completed within 180 days, you may receive credit for travel completed prior to joining. 

Q. MyFRONTIER Miles are about to expire, what are my options? 

  1. You have several options: 
    1. Accrue: You can choose to accrue miles prior to your miles expiring by flying with Frontier Airlines, making a purchase on your Frontier World Mastercard or using one of our other earn partners. 
    2. Use: You can redeem your miles. If you have 10,000 miles or more, you may have flight options with Frontier Airlines. For other redemption options you may be able to redeem with our partner Mags for Miles. 
    3. Donate: You can donate your unused miles to non-profit charitable organizations. The donation is not tax deductible, but you’ll be donating to a great cause and this option is completely no cost to the member. For assistance in donating your miles, please contact us at (801) 401-9000. 

    Q. My FRONTIER Miles expired, why did I not receive any notifications? 

    1. We do our best to keep members informed. To receive expiration notifications, you’ll need a valid email address on your profile and must be opted in to receive communications. We recommend taking the following steps to ensure delivery of statements and notifications: 
      1. Be sure to include our domain ( as a friendly site so these statements and notifications are not marked as spam or junk by your email provider. 
      2. Opt-in for email updates. 
      3. We also recommend logging in regularly to your profile to make sure all trips taken included your frequent flyer number and to review your current expiration date. 

    If you have chosen to opt out, we are not permitted to email you and any monthly statements or expiration notifications will not be sent, but all information is available on the profile page. Even with an active email, there are some things outside of Frontier’s control that may cause failure to deliver. Frontier is not responsible for undelivered emails.

    Q. Do my FRONTIER Miles ever expire?

    1. We can reinstate miles for a reinstatement fee. Reinstatement fees vary based on the number of miles expired. For information, see our reinstatement schedule below.

    Q. My miles expired, how can I get them back?

    1. We can reinstate miles for a reinstatement fee. Reinstatement fees vary based on the number of miles expired. For information, see our reinstatement schedule below. 
     Expired Miles Fee
     1 - 25,000 $50
     25,001 - 50,000 $100
     50,001 - 75,000 $150
     75,001 - 100,000 $200
     100,001 - 125,000 $250
     125,001 - 150,000 $300
     150,001 - 175,000 $350
     175,001 - 200,000 $400
     200,001 - 250,000 $450
     250,001+ $500

    Q. Can I use my miles on any flight?

    1. Frontier has no blackout dates on award travel. However, seats are capacity controlled and subject to availability. Availability changes daily so we recommend booking soon.

    Q. Can I earn miles for tickets I purchase for other passengers?

    1. No, only the passenger named on the ticket can claim miles for flights flown. However, if you have any level of Elite Status or are a Frontier World Mastercard holder, you may qualify to participate in our Family Pooling option. For more information about Family Pooling, click here.

    Q. Can I earn miles flown with other airlines?

    1. No, miles may only be earned on Frontier Airlines flights, using your Frontier World Mastercard or using one of our other mileage partners.

    Q. Can I use miles towards amenities such as seats or bag fees?

    1. Using miles for ancillary items or amenities is not currently an option.

    Q. I’m also a DISCOUNT DEN® member – are there any changes to that program?

    1. All the benefits of DISCOUNT DEN® remain the same. With Elite 50k status or above, you may qualify for a discounted or free DISCOUNT DEN® membership the next time you renew.

    Q. What is Family Pooling?

    1. No matter how you define your family, Frontier Airlines makes combining your miles with family members or friends easy, making redemption's more in reach. There are some things you may want to consider before joining a pool, so we recommend members visit our Family Pooling FAQ's page for more information: Family Pooling FAQs

    Q. Our business does a lot of flying with Frontier. Can a business or organization pool miles in the family pooling program?

    1. No, our program does not currently support business mileage pools.