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Our Fleet

Our Fleet

Frontier flies a diverse fleet of aircraft on the many routes across our network. Through the links below, you can find details on the seating configurations, lavatory availability, onboard service, and technical specifications for each aircraft type in our fleet. Frontier currently operates a fleet of 18 Airbus A320s and 35 Airbus A319s.


            Airbus A320
            Airbus A319

Tale of the tails

When Frontier launched in 1994 we wanted to develop a concept that would distinguish us from other airlines and make each aircraft in our fleet unique. The now universally-recognized wildlife theme was the result.

A few years later, with the help of some advertising genius types, our wildlife came to life. Each of our "spokesanimals" has a unique and entertaining personality.

To display our proud spokesanimals on our tails, images are printed on adhesive-backed vinyl that's similar to contact paper. The image is tiled in 34-inch-by-96-inch panels, with two inches of overlap. They're applied starting at the rear base of the tail, moving toward the leading edge of the tail. After all the tiles have been applied, the tail is covered with two coats of clear coat to seal the image and prevent corrosion. Any panel that gets damaged may be replaced individually. For more photographs of our aircraft tails visit the following external link: Airliners.net