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Travel Agents

ID90 available space

90% off the YF9 fare, space available

(Travel agent discounts are unlimited)

To take advantage of these fares, take a moment to look over our basic rules and follow our procedures:

Basic rules

  • Please call 800-243-6297, as we must make your reservations.
  • This discount applies to travel agents only. Agency employee must be included on the ARC Eligibility list for current year, be a full-time employee (over 32 hours per week), and have been responsible for promoting air travel for at least three consecutive months.
  • We'll allow self-ticketing, however if you are unable to self-ticket these passes can be issued at our ticket counters, you will need to allow for extra time at check-in.
  • IATA identification or ARC list with photo identification will be required at check-in.
  • If irregular flight operations exist, you'll be listed on the next Frontier Airlines flight only. No further compensation is available.
  • This offer is not valid on charter flights.
  • EarlyReturns® mileage is not available with this promotion offer.
  • This offer is not eligible for denied boarding and/or interrupted flight compensation.
  • You will be allowed 1 free carry-on bag. Fees will apply to checked, oversized, overweight, and excess bags, as well as fees for special baggage items.

Ticketing procedures

  • Issue electronic ID90 tickets on Frontier-validated ticket stock
  • After the reservation is created by our Agency Support desk, GK (soft sell) the Y class of service in your system for self-ticketing
  • Class of service for ticketing purposes: Y Class Space Available
  • Fare Basis: Enter applicable fare basis code (YF9C15)
  • Discount is calculated using the YF9C1 fare, and the fare basis code YF9C15
  • IT/Tour Code box: ID90
  • Fare/ Tax/ Total boxes: Enter applicable fare (less discount) plus tax
    (Full departure/surcharge taxes apply and can't be discounted)
  • Form of Payment: Credit cards are acceptable when self-ticketing outside of 24 hours of departure. Cash or Credit Card only, if ticketing at the Frontier ticket counter. Checks cannot be accepted.
  • Commission: Enter "0" in the commission box
  • Validity: 90 days from date of issue
  • Endorsements: Valid F9 Only/ Refundable/ Non-Transferrable

*Additional instructions may be provided by a Frontier Agency Desk Agent.

Our policies can change without notice. These policy guidelines are effective as of August 21, 2014, and supersede any and all previous policies.