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Gift Card Terms and Conditions

There's no assembly required, but we do have a few rules. Read below to learn how to get and use the Frontier Airlines gift card.

Already Purchased Gift Cards

  • Gift cards purchased online anywhere other than, such as a third party auction website, may not be valid. Frontier Airlines is not responsible for honoring invalid gift cards or values.

  • Frontier Airlines gift cards have no expiration date, so when you're ready to travel, your gift card will be ready for you to use. Once you've used up your balance, please be kind and recycle the plastic card, since our gift cards can't be reloaded.

  • We don't sell or redeem Frontier Airlines gift cards at airport ticket counters, through the Frontier Reservations center or through travel agents.

  • Treat your Frontier Airlines gift card like cash because they're non-refundable. If they're lost or stolen, we're sorry, but they can't be frozen, canceled, or replaced.

Redeeming Gift Cards

  • You can use your Frontier Airlines gift card to purchase Frontier Airlines airfare and associated taxes, as well as for taxes and fees for EarlyReturns® online mileage redemption when booked online at Frontier Airlines gift cards cannot be used for transactions with any other associated partner.
  • The gift card balance will be applied to the total price of the airline ticket(s) in any one transaction. Only one gift card can be applied toward one transaction. However, multiple card balances can be merged onto a single card.
  • You can find out your card’s balance on the Balance Inquiry page of our website, or by calling 855-398-1281.
  • If the ticket price is greater than the value of the gift card, the difference may only be paid with a credit card with a billing address in the United States. If the ticket price is less than the value of the gift card, the unused portion will remain on the gift card. When the gift card balance reaches zero, the card will be deactivated.
  • For your protection, gift cards can’t be accepted if the card number is invalid, hasn’t been activated, or can’t be found within the Frontier Airlines system.
  • Frontier Airlines gift cards are completely transferable, but you can’t use your gift card to purchase another gift card.
  • Frontier Airlines gift cards can’t presently be used to purchase Frontier Gear from our website, (We're working on it, though).
  • Your Frontier Airlines gift card cannot be used for: baggage fees, seating assignment fees, in-flight entertainment or amenities, ancillary services (such as travel insurance), miscellaneous fees, ticket exchanges, purchase or transfer of EarlyReturns® miles, vacation packages, cargo, non-air tickets, hotel, rental car, cruise, or third-party vendor transactions.
  • If using a Frontier Airlines gift card while booking multiple passengers in a single transaction, the total value of the gift card will be divided evenly among all individuals included in the booking. This may result in a residual value of a few cents on the gift card if the amount cannot be divided evenly among all passengers. If you would like the gift card to be applied only to a single traveler's ticket, please book that traveler in a separate transaction.

We thank you for your interest in the Frontier Airlines gift card.