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Companies registered for our Business TRACKS program earn a 3% rebate credit on the published fare of tickets purchased and flown on Frontier Airlines for business travel.

Once the company is enrolled, TRACKS credits are tracked via the company's Business TRACKS Account ID and added to their account on a daily basis. The Account ID is automatically added to a traveler’s ticket when the company’s unique Account ID is included when booking travel on If travelers use Frontier’s Corporate Accounts/Agency Support desk or a travel agent, they simply need to provide their company's Account ID at the time of ticketing.


  • TRACKS membership is open to companies of any size.
  • Companies must generate a minimum of $2,500 of flown revenue each calendar year on Frontier.
  • Travel agencies, wholesalers, consolidators and other sellers of travel may book travel for members of the program, but are not eligible to participate in the program.
  • Tickets must be used for business travel purposes and the traveler must be an employee of the company. Family members are not eligible unless proof of employment is submitted.
  • Leisure travel is not eligible for this program.
  • Monthly e-statements will be provided via email. A valid email address must be provided to remain in the program.

Eligible tickets

To qualify, tickets must be issued on a published fare and ticketed on Frontier Airlines (422) ticket stock. Tickets issued on any other airline's ticket stock, barter and non-published fare tickets (e.g. vacation packages, etc.) are not eligible. Credit cannot be accrued on tickets using any other discount including, but not limited to, corporate discounts, promo codes, or other discounted fares. Tickets purchased and flown on Frontier Express are eligible.

Taxes, airport charges and security fees are excluded. All rules and restrictions apply to the purchase of tickets. Retroactive credit is available for unreported travel dating back 180 days.

How credit is accrued

Company will earn a 3 percent rebate credit on all eligible flown revenue. Tickets are tracked via the company's unique TRACKS Account ID. This code is necessary to ensure proper tracking of company travel activity.

Booking on

When booking business travel on, enter your company's TRACKS ID on the passenger information page.

Making reservations other than via

When booking through a travel agency, instruct the agency to enter the company's TRACKS Account ID into the IT/Tour Code box of every ticket issued. Upon request, ticketing instructions will be sent to the company's travel agency. However, the company is responsible for ensuring that the travel agent issues the tickets properly. Tickets issued improperly will not be tracked and may not receive program credit.

Travel agent ticketing instructions

Entry to ticket and print your TRACKS ID in the Tour Code Field:

Entry to ticket and print your TRACKS ID in the Tour Code Field:

Entry to ticket and print your TRACKS ID in the Tour Code Field:

Entry to ticket and print your TRACKS ID in the Tour Code Field:

To book reservations directly with Frontier, visit If you need to speak with a Frontier Airlines agent, you may call the Corporate Accounts/Agency Support Desk at 800-952-7637 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, Mountain Time. The caller is responsible for advising the agent that he or she has a TRACKS account and must provide the agent with his or her company's TRACKS ID.

When rebates are posted

Rebate credits are calculated from the base fare amount of each flown ticket. Completed travel will post to the account activity pages in 3-5 business days and will reflect revenue and rebate amount of that flown ticket. Future travel will appear in the account activity without reflecting the rebate amount until travel is complete. If the ticket is exchanged, credit is issued from the ticket that was actually used. Statements are sent the third Wednesday of each month to the company administrator(s) at the email address on file for the company's account.

Unreported credit requests can be submitted via the online Unreported Credit form. Any special request for large amounts of credit will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may have to be manually processed. In these cases, the manual uploading of credit is completed once per month and points will appear in the account on the next month’s statement.


The program allows up to two company contacts and one travel agent to be designated as administrators of the account.

The company administrator(s) will need to create an account profile to view monthly statements, request awards and make updates to the company’s profile. If an administrator is removed, their access is also removed. Any new administrator will need to create a user login to gain access to the account. At the discretion of the company administrator(s), travel agents can be listed as administrators and may have the ability to request awards if the primary account administrator allows.

Redeeming credit

Administrators are the only ones authorized to request redemption awards. The administrator must be logged into the account to submit a request.

Award options include:

Award Code

TRKWVR $25 One Waiver Award Issued at a discounted rate of 25.00 and can be used to waive one change fee or name change fee when exchanging a restricted ticket
TRKASC $75 *Ascent Upgrade Valid through February 19, 2015.
TRKCREDIT Variable Credit Bank Certificate — A value requested to be used toward a reservation booked with Frontier Airlines. Travel must be booked by Frontier Agent only.

Credit Bank Certificate

Credit Bank Certificates can only be requested by the account administrator to be used toward newly booked travel. You may need to redeem multiple certificates as only one ticket can be issued per certificate. Ensure the certificate is for the same amount of the airfare you wish to purchase, as overages cannot be refunded. The issued certificate is valid for a year and must be applied to a reservation by the Corporate Accounts/Agency Support desk. Certificates will be verified by a Frontier agent. Travel is valid only on the purchase of airfare on Frontier Airlines (STRETCH seats must be purchased separately) and must be ticketed on Frontier Airlines ticket stock (422). All fare rules apply and will be advised upon booking completion. Any changes to the itinerary are subject to change fees and fare differences. Once ticketed, Credit Bank Certificates cannot be returned to the account. The ticket will be valid for one year from the date of issue, regardless of fare type purchased.

Business TRACKS Credit Bank balances do not expire as long as the company's account remains active.

Program modification/termination

Frontier Airlines will make every effort to provide companies with reasonable notice of major changes to the program. We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions, earning guidelines, incentives, and awards or redemption benefits at any time with or without notice. Such changes may include, but not limited to, eligibility, revenue requirements, rules for the use and transferability of program awards, restricted travel dates, and the number of seats available for award travel. We may also, at our sole discretion, cancel any account from the program by providing notice to the company.

*Summit and Ascent status will be retired on March 6, 2015 and a new elite tier, Frontier Elite will be launched on March 7, 2015.