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All About Accruals

It's definitely NOT "accrual" world we live in ... when you're an EarlyReturns® mileage program member. (Hey, if you're reading this level of detail on our program you're entitled to at least one good pun.)

Here's what our legal folks have to say about mileage accrual:

  • "Miles" are the calculation unit of the Program.
  • To automatically earn miles, Members must provide their EarlyReturns® account number at time of booking for each flight.
  • On trips between an origin city and a final destination city that include a connection requiring a change of aircraft with a new flight number, you'll earn mileage credit for each flight segment. A segment is defined as a flight between two airports using only one flight number, regardless of the number of intermediate stops or changes of planes.
  • Members flying without a change in flight number between an origin city and a final destination will earn the actual miles computed between that origin and destination city. Mileage will be computed using airport-to-airport air mileage distance as determined by Frontier. The amount of miles you earn and the minimum mileage earned per flight depend upon the Fare Option you choose:

    Fare Option Actual Flight Mileage Earned Minimum Mileage Earned per Flight Segment Credits Earned per Flight
    Classic Plus 150% 750 miles 1
    Economy 100% 500 miles 1
  • Members taking advantage of the services offered by Program partners will be credited a specific number of miles as determined by Frontier.
  • Additional miles may be granted for special conditions and events based on flight activity, fare paid, geographic location, program participation, tier level status, and other conditions and events as determined by Frontier.
  • The following fare, payment, and/or passenger categories are excluded from earning miles in the Program:
    1. Award tickets or free tickets of any kind
    2. Tickets issued under trade and barter agreements with Frontier
    3. Refunded, forfeited, and unused tickets
    4. Charter flights
    5. Voluntary flight changes in lieu of non-stop and/or direct flights for the accumulation of additional mileage are not permitted
    6. Free car rentals, hotel stays, or any other free service provided by a program partner
    7. Any person traveling on airline passes and/or industry or agency discount tickets, including, but not limited to, airline staff and travel agent tickets
    8. Tickets purchased for additional seats to carry excess baggage (i.e., fragile items, musical instruments, medical or other equipment, etc.), pets, or to provide extra space for the passenger

  • Members will receive a periodic personal electronic account statement if enrolled with pertinent information based on activity registered during the previous period.
  • If any EarlyReturns® member's Frontier segment(s) are involuntarily rerouted to another airline as a result of a non-weather related irregular operations situation, the passenger may receive EarlyReturns® credit for the originally scheduled Frontier flight. EarlyReturns® members may request flight mileage credit by contacting the EarlyReturns® service center.
  • If, for any reason, miles have not been credited to a new or existing member's account, the member may claim the retroactive mileage credit up to 180 days after the flight or service concerned. A copy of the ticketed passenger receipt and boarding passes must support such claims, or receipts in case of retroactive non-air travel partner credit requests. It is the responsibility of the Member to retain receipts, boarding passes, and other proofs of purchase until mileage credit is posted and appears on the Member's account statement. To request mileage credit for completed travel, click here.
  • The Member named on an account is the only person who may earn mileage for the said account, even if the Member purchases tickets for other people.
  • Beginning March 7, 2015, mileage in a member's account will not expire as long as the Member generates accrual activity every 6 months. Any miles you have earned, or continue to earn, will not expire as long as you continue to earn miles every six months. Unredeemed mileage accumulated in your account will expire at the end of the six-month period after your last activity date. For example, if you don’t acquire new miles by September 7, 2015, the miles you’ve accrued through March 6, 2015 will expire on September 7, 2015 and won’t be available for use.