Unbundling FAQs


What does it mean to unbundle fares? 
We have unbundled our fares to offer a better way to fly with Frontier – this will include ultra-low fares and more choices for you, our customers. When you buy an Economy ticket, the price includes the base fare for the flight and allows one free personal item to fit under the seat. You can then customize your experience by choosing to purchase only the add-ons you want, such as a carry-on bag, a checked bag and the ability to choose your own seat assignment. 

Why is Frontier offering unbundled fares?

Unbundling our Economy fares allows us to provide better value and lower the price on our already low fares. Unbundling also allows you to pay only for what you want when you travel.

We have simplified our fare structure to offer two fares  – Economy and Classic Plus –   which allows you to choose how you want to fly and what you want to pay for. Economy is fully unbundled and Classic Plus continues to be a fully-refundable fare with amenities like STRETCH seating, no change fees, a carry-on bag and one free checked bag.  

What do unbundled fares mean for tickets I’ve already purchased?

What fare type did you purchase? 

  1. Economy tickets purchased at FlyFrontier.com through April 27, 2014, will still include a free carry-on.  Tickets purchased on or after April 28, 2014, will not include a carry-on.  If you are an EarlyReturns® member, you are automatically enrolled for a trial membership in Frontier’s Discount Den, which lets you save $5 on your carry-on bag at the time of purchase and $5 on your first checked bag during online check-in at FlyFrontier.com. 
  2. Basic tickets purchased through April 27, 2014, will still have the amenities of the Basic Fare
  3. Classic tickets purchased through April 27, 2014, will still have the amenities of the Classic Fare
  4. Classic Plus tickets continue to offer all amenities of the Classic Plus fare.

Why are you nickel and diming us? 

We want to save you money.  By letting you pay only for what you want, it helps drive down the cost of your ticket. If you still want more amenities and more flexibility, Classic Plus fares are fully refundable and include no change fees, STRETCH seating with extra leg room, one free-checked bag, and one free carry-on bag. 

Which website will have the best deals?  Why should I book at FlyFrontier.com?

FlyFrontier.com continues to be the best place to book travel.  We always offer both our Classic Plus and Economy fares at FlyFrontier.com.  We are providing our Economy fares with a la carte amenities so you only pay for what matters to you.  The lowest prices for seat assignments and carry-on bags will continue to be offered at the time of booking on FlyFrontier.com.  Plus, with our Best Fare Guarantee, you can be assured that you are getting a good deal at FlyFrontier.com.

What is Frontier’s Discount Den? 

Frontier’s Discount Den is a savings club where you can enjoy special deals and a $5 savings on your carry-on and first checked bag.  To enroll in Frontier’s Discount Den you need to be a member of our EarlyReturns® mileage program.  EarlyReturns members are automatically enrolled and will receive a complimentary membership through June 30, 2015. After that date you will be given the option to continue your membership.

I am a Summit or Ascent member, how does this affect me? 

There will be no benefit changes for our EarlyReturns Summit and Ascent members with our unbundled fare structure.  As one of our tier level travelers, you will continue to receive two free checked bags, a carry-on bag, and advanced seat assignments.

What fee is cheaper, a carry-on or a checked bag?

Checking a bag with Frontier is always cheaper than carrying on a bag.  For the lowest prices on a checked bag, be sure to use online check-in at FlyFrontier.com – you’ll save time and money!

I want to buy a Classic Plus fare on the way to my destination, and an Economy fare coming home. How do I do that?

We are unable to combine our Classic Plus and Economy fares on the same ticket.  If you need the flexibility of Classic Plus for only one direction, we recommend purchasing two one-way tickets - Classic Plus one way and Economy the other.

I always booked Classic. What should I do now?

Since you’ve enjoyed the benefits of Classic fares, we recommend buying Classic Plus; you’ll get all Classic amenities and added flexibility.

Are your fares really lower?

Yes, on April 28, 2014, we reduced all fares on average by more than 10%.

Do I have to pay to assign a seat in advance?  What happens if I don’t pay to choose my own seat?

If you choose not to pay the fee to choose your own seat assignment, we’ll be happy to randomly assign a seat for you at check-in without charge.  However, your party may be separated.

I’m traveling with my family, how can I assure we are seated together?

To assure that your family sits together, simply add the option to select your seats in advance.  We offer several Seating Options.

What should I expect on my flight?

Our job is to make your flight as comfortable and safe and possible.  You will have the opportunity to purchase beverages  and snacks.  We also offer 24 channels of DirecTV for purchase on your own personal TV screen on most flights.  Note: All Classic Plus fares include a free beverage on flights through September 21, 2014.