Group Reservations FAQs


Does Frontier have discounted rates for groups?

We’re glad you ask!  When you fly with ten or more friends, family members or business associates on the same itinerary, we'll provide a group fare quote. 

What are the benefits of booking as a group?

When you book as a group, you get these great benefits:

  • Everyone in the group pays one price.
  • Pay by check or credit card.
  • You select the type of fare that meets your needs:
    • Economy - best price based on your group size; does not include checked bags.
    • Classic - includes checked bag fees and affords more flexibility for changes.
  • Name changes are allowed.  The first one is free for group tickets and then a name change fee may apply for additional changes.
  • The gift of time. A deposit holds your reservation until ticketing is due, which is 60 days before travel in most circumstances.

Can passengers in a group check-in online or at a kiosk?

Yes! No need to wait in line, members of a group can check-in online from home or at one of our airport kiosks (where available), just like everyone else.

Does group travel qualify to earn EarlyReturns mileage?

Yes it does.  Each passenger earns individual miles in our EarlyReturns® program.  Be sure to give each person’s EarlyReturns number when you book or at check-in.  If you’re not a member of EarlyReturns, join now.

How do I book a group or inquire about group travel?

For more information or to receive a quote, please contact the Frontier Airlines Group Department:

Call us toll free at 888-601-4296 or submit a request online.

Our group representatives will provide you with details about group deposit and ticketing requirements.