General Reservations FAQs


I've never booked on your website before. What should I know?
Booking online with us is as easy as it gets. From the homepage of our website, you simply fill out the reservation information according to your desired travel dates. Our website will automatically display the most cost-effective ticket options for you to choose from.

If you're a member of our EarlyReturns® mileage program, sign in first, and then book your flights.This way you'll be sure to earn miles for your trip. Even better, EarlyReturns members receive complimentary membership in Frontier’s Discount Den through June 2015, allowing you to save $5 on your carry-on bag and first checked bag on every trip!

When all flights on your itinerary are operated exclusively by Frontier Airlines and our codeshare partner Great Lakes Airlines, you can choose from two Fare Options on Economy and Classic Plus. Once you've chosen the fare that best meets your travel needs, follow the instructions to select your flights, and pay for your ticket with your credit card.

We'll issue you an electronic ticket (e-ticket). You can print your e-ticket itinerary from the web page or simply make a note of your reservation code and flight information for future reference. We'll also send you an email confirmation and receipt with your travel information. We do charge a fee of $5 if you request a paper receipt or a paper copy of your flight itinerary via the mail.

I need a one-way ticket. What do I do?
If you're booking a one-way ticket, just select the "One Way" button that's above the date fields.

If I make reservations on your website, is my information kept private?
Your privacy is important to us. Any information provided online is secure and is not shared with any other parties. Please review our privacy policy for more information.

I have questions and would like to talk with someone. Can I make a reservation over the phone?
Our Reservations Call Centers are open to book tickets by phone 24 hours per day. You can reach us by calling 800-432-1FLY (1359). There is no fee to book a Classic Plus fare by phone. However, please note, that a $10 Reservation Service Fee will apply to all Economy fares and all Standard EarlyReturns Award redemptions booked over the phone with our Reservations Call Centers. The fee is waived for Summit and Ascent level members of EarlyReturns. There is never a fee to book online at

I'm at the airport.  Can I make a reservation at the ticket counter?
New travel is not sold at Frontier's airport ticket counters. Tickets may be purchased online at or by calling our Reservations Call Centers at 800-432-1FLY (1359).  There is never a fee to book at, but a $10 Reservation Service Fee will apply to all Economy fares and all Standard EarlyReturns Award redemptions booked over the phone with our Reservations Call Centers.

I want to reconfirm my reservations. What's the best way to do that?
To reconfirm your already-ticketed reservation, please contact our Reservations Department at 800-432-1FLY (1359) and say "Existing Reservation." Then give our automated system your six-character reservation code or your flight number, date, and last name as it appears on your ticket. The system will reconfirm your flight details.

Can I get a window seat?
We offer three types of Seating Options – STANDARD, SELECT, and STRETCH. If you have a Classic Plus fare, you can select any available seat for free at the time of booking. If you have an Economy fare, you can pay to select your own seat assignment for your flight at the time of booking, at the Manage Reservations section on, or at the time of check-in for your flight.

Economy fare passengers who choose not to pay to select your own seat assignment will be randomly assigned one free of charge at check-in within 24 hours of departure. However, your party may be separated.