EarlyReturns® Mileage Program FAQs


How do I become a member of your mileage program, EarlyReturns®?
We would love to have you as our newest member. Enroll in EarlyReturns® online today!

Does my EarlyReturns membership include the benefits of Frontier’s Discount Den?
Yes, all EarlyReturns® members are automatically enrolled in Frontier’s Discount Den through June 2015. Take advantage of Frontier’s Discount Den benefits to save on your carry-on bag and first checked bag.

Why wasn't I able to sign up for EarlyReturns® on your website?
If you tried to join EarlyReturns® online and received an error, we apologize for any inconvenience. There can be many culprits for this. It might have to do with high volume of visitors at our website at a given time, your computer's configuration, or simply an Internet hiccup. To ensure that you're getting the best capabilities with our website, please use Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 6 and higher), Safari (Version 4 and higher), or Firefox (Version 3 and higher) as your browser. If you continue to have problems with your online enrollment, please contact our Reservations Department 800-432-1FLY (1359).

Is there a startup or annual membership fee for EarlyReturns®?
Zip, zilch, nada. In other words, there is neither a startup nor an annual fee. We're just honored to have you in our program.

Do EarlyReturns® members receive a membership card?
All EarlyReturns® members can print their membership card from our website. All you need to do is log-in to your account and click on the "Print EarlyReturns® card" from your Profile screen or Account Activity screen.  Each year, we will mail a plastic membership card to members who qualify for *Ascent and Summit level tier status.

How can I change my name on my EarlyReturns® account?
For the security of our customers, we are unable to change a name on an account without proper documentation. Please scan a copy of a valid driver's license along with a copy of a marriage license, divorce decree, etc. and send them to us via our website form.

How do I get my EarlyReturns® account credited?
Earning EarlyReturns® miles on our flights is simple. First, provide your EarlyReturns® member account number when you make reservations and every time you check in for your flight. To add your EarlyReturns® number to your current reservation please contact Frontier Reservations at 800-432-1FLY (1359) and our automated system can add your EarlyReturns® number to your existing reservation. Please have both your reservation code and EarlyReturns® account number available when calling. If you forget to provide this information when you make your reservation you can also provide this information to the ticket agent when you check in for your flight. Miles will credit automatically to your account within seven days of travel.

Can I get credit for a previous flight if I am a new or existing EarlyReturns® member?
Sure. If you are a new or existing EarlyReturns® member, you can receive credit for prior flights up to 180 days past, from today's date. To receive credit for these flights, please request Mileage Credit for completed travel.

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for your account to be updated accordingly.

How do I access and check my EarlyReturns® account status online?
As an EarlyReturns® member you can access your account online by using your account number and password to log in at FlyFrontier.com. Once you're logged in you can check the status of your account and view your member information, account activity, and account summary.

How do I ensure that I receive EarlyReturns® Member Communications?
Feeling out of the loop? In order to stay informed on the latest program changes, promotional partner offers, fare sales and the like, be sure to adjust your account preferences to accept these various communications from us. Login to your EarlyReturns® account, click on "My Account", then click on "View Profile", and then click on "Update Email and Messages".

Do EarlyReturns® miles ever expire?
Mileage in a member's account will not expire so long as the member generates accrual activity in the account. Unredeemed mileage accumulated in a member's account will expire at the end of the 18 months after the last accrual activity date. For example, the last mileage posting, of any kind, flight or partner as of October 2014 is valid until April 2016 unless the member has accrual activity in the interim.

Can I get my miles back after they've expired?
Yes you can. Members whose miles have been expired due to 18 months of inactivity have an opportunity to reinstate expired miles for a fee of a penny per mile.

Forfeited miles can only be reinstated by calling our EarlyReturns® Service Center at 866-263-2759. When you pay to reinstate expired miles, you must reinstate the entire balance of miles. You can reinstate your miles for one year after the expiration date.

How many miles do I need for an award ticket?
Just 20,000 miles (subject to fees/taxes from $11.20) earns you a roundtrip award ticket to any of our domestic destinations. Fly one-way to any domestic destination for just 10,000 miles (subject to fees/taxes from $5.60) in taxes and fees. The more miles you earn, the more award travel opportunities you'll have. See all of our mileage award redemption options.

How do I earn Elite status in EarlyReturns®
By earning elite status in the EarlyReturns® program, you will enjoy many benefits including a free carry on-bag, two free checked bags when traveling on all Fare Options, priority services (check-in, security access, and boarding) where available, and more.

You can earn *Ascent by flying 15,000 flight miles or 20 flight segments in a calendar year (January through December).

You can earn *Summit by flying 25,000 flight miles or 30 flight segments in a calendar year (January through December).

View the full list of tier benefits for more information.

When do I earn elite status?
Your account will be updated with elite status after you've flown the qualifying number of miles or flight segments in one calendar year. Benefits will begin after travel is complete.

What is the minimum miles I will earn for a flight?
Members earn miles based on the actual miles flown. The amount of miles you earn and the minimum mileage earned per flight depend upon the Fare Option you choose:

Fare Option Actual Flight Mileage Earned Minimum Mileage Earned per Flight
Classic Plus 150% 750 miles
Economy 100% 500 miles

Note: Classic fares purchased through April 27, 2014, earn 125% of actual flight mileage. Basic fares purchased through April 27, 2014, earn 25% of actual flight mileage.

Do flights purchased on sale or through our online specials earn EarlyReturns® miles?
Customers traveling with tickets purchased on sale or through our online specials can indeed accrue EarlyReturns® miles.

Who are your EarlyReturns® mileage program partners?
We are proud to partner with industry leaders across the travel and retail space to offer EarlyReturns® members even more ways to earn miles. Choose from mileage earning opportunities with car rental companies, hotels, floral services, airport shuttles, airport parking, and more. Learn more about our partnerships.

Do you partner with any credit card reward programs?

We're so glad you asked that question! Frontier Airlines and Barclaycard offer a co-branded Frontier Airlines MasterCard®, providing customers a quick and easy way to earn EarlyReturns® miles. Get more info about our Frontier Airlines MasterCard®.

*Summit and Ascent status will be retired on February 19, 2015 and a new elite tier, Frontier Elite will be launched on February 20, 2015.